Asus fx502vm review: A budget Gaming Laptop?

If you are looking for a gaming laptop in the mid-range segment, the Asus fx502vm could be a good bet for you. It has nearly everything a gamer would need and the price is a reasonable i.e under $1000. This isn’t expensive gaming laptop considering the specs it is offering. I’ve talked about ASUS ROG G752VS-XB72K in my previous post which is way expensive against this laptop.

Today I’m going to review Asus fx502vm in detail to know whether it’s your spending your money on this laptop or not.

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Okay, Let’s get started with the review now.

Asus fx502vm review


Asus fx502vm Review

Design and display:

This is a 15.6 inch LCD laptop with the resolution of 1080×1920. The display quality is amazing and the wide angled. The designing team of the Asus has taken some aspects from their own ROG (Republic of Gamers) series and implemented on this laptop to make it more attractive for Gamers.

Asus fx502vm design


The wide angled (Extended to 160 Degrees) In-Plane Switching High Fx Display provides you with a reduced angular reflection ambient lighting. The matte-black finish on this laptop is gorgeous and looks amazing.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this laptop is display. It has a TN panel, not IPS. Even though it can support up to 4k, it doesn’t have good viewing angles. I would not say it has a terrible display but for pricing, Asus should have provided a laptop with a better display quality.

Other than the viewing angles, you play games or watch videos with a decent screen quality.

It is absolute that if gaming session goes longer than system heats. So for a solution of overheating ASUS FX502VM has got two vent fans at its backside. These fans also help to radiate away the heated air away from the operator. It is very convenient to carry as ASUS FX502VM can nicely fit in an 18.4” Laptop Backpack.

Memory and Performance:

This wonderful machine has 1TB HDD storage which is a plenty of memory of store your games, multimedia files and many more. If you are bad feeling about the type of storage on this laptop i.e Hard drive, then you don’t need to worry because there is a second slot where you can add an m.2 SSD drive.

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For the faster performance, it has 16GB DDR4 RAM which is very good at this price point and along with that you’ll find Intel Core i5-6300HQ clocked at 2.3 GHz and it can increase up to 3.2 GHz.

When it comes to gaming performance, the Asus fx502vm has NVIDIA 1060 GPU with 3GB dedicated DDR5 VRAM. This GPU can bring the desktop gaming performance to a laptop. According to various reviews, I’ve found that this laptop can hit the frames up to 50-60 FPS on average at high settings on games like battlegrounds, GTA V, Shadow of War.

Both the CPU and GPU on this laptop ensure that you won’t have to face any lag or performance issues. Asus has done a tremendous job by optimizing both hardware and software for an unstoppable performance.


The red danger zonal backlights in the keyboards flash out the entire gamer outlook and make a user feel staggering. The console is entirely user-friendly as it gives a 1.6 mm gap in between each key to its all sides around with the fully expanded numeric keypad.

The touchpad has the last generation PU feature of WASD keys and is very smooth and responsive. The tactic feedbacks in the trackpad is an awesomely outstanding feature which is very beneficial for more extended game sessions.


For both gamers and non-gamers, this laptop has almost every essential ports to make sure you don’t miss anything.The sides of the machine are full of I/O ports which includes a headset jack, Ethernet port, a line-out jack, an HDMI port, D-Sub and mini DisplayPort, one USB Type-C( Generation 2) port.

Connectivity of the port is fast and excellent. Wireless connection follows Bluetooth 4.0 and Integrated 802.11 AC WiFi and SD Card Reader. If user sometimes binges on a movie, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 can steer up to four displays at a time(Thunderbolt and D-Sub/HDMI and mini-DisplayPort, the internal display) which allows to experience Web browsing, game screens, movies, and instant messaging all working the same time.

Battery life:

I don’t need to mention you that most of the gaming laptops don’t have the best battery life in the industry and the Asus fx502vm belongs to the same family.

For gaming alone, it users have reported it can last from 2 to 2.5 hours which is decent in my opinion. For the basic to moderate users, you can expect 4-5 fives which are neither great nor bad. Overall, it has a decent battery life I would say.

Recap the Asus fx502vm specs below.

  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • Storage: 1TB HDD (Second slot available for an SSD)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Processor: Quad core Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz
  • Graphics card: GTX 1060 dedicated graphics With 3GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs

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Asus has done a good job by providing a high-quality product for gamers which is worth considering at this price. It has a faster performance for both gamers and non-gamers, great build quality, a backlit keyboard which is the signature of gamers and lot more.

I won’t say this is the perfect gaming laptop on the planet because there are few important thing missing in this laptop such as a better display technology, improvement in the speaker etc. But other than those things, I would say this laptop is a good choice for anyone.

I hope you liked my Asus fx502vm review and Let’s share what do you think of this beast.

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