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8 Best Laptops For Teachers : Buyer’s Guide

Gone are the days when a teacher didn’t need a laptop at all. These days a teacher can’t survive without a laptop right? Finding the best laptop for a teacher is the most important task after becoming a teacher and isn’t really an easy task and most of the teachers don’t have the time to research as they are super busy.

That’s why I’ve done the research on your behalf to save your time and picked the 8 best laptops for your teaching career and That’s what I”m about to show you right now.

There are so many factors which decide a laptop have enough ability to become the best laptop. Some of the factors as CPU, RAM, Storage, Performance and more.

Keep your in mind before buying…

If you are just a beginner who is just starting out his/ her teaching career, I won’t recommend you to buy any expensive laptops even from this list. You should consider getting an affordable and value for money laptop which I have mentioned in this article.

If you are a teacher who moves a lot from one place to another, then a lightweight notebook would be a better choice for you.

If your teaching profession requires you a lot of writing tasks, then I have good news for you. Here at HuntLaptop, I have written a post where I have shared some of the best laptops, especially for writers.

Okay, Enough said. Let’s get started and see which are the Best laptops for teachers.

Top 8 Laptops for Teachers in 2020

1Asus Zenbook UX305UA256GB SSD8GB Check Price
2Acer Aspire E15 1TB HDD4GB Check Price
3Apple Macbook Pro (2016 Model)256GB SSD16GB Check Price
4HP 14-AN013NR32GB4GB Check Price
5Samsung Chromebook Pro32GB4GB Check Price
6Dell Inspiron 151TB HDD8GB Check Price
7MacBook Air128GB SSD8GB Check Price
8HP Envy 13 -AB016NR256GB SSD8GB Check Price


 1. ASUS ZenBook UX305UA

ASUS ZenBook UX305UA


The ZenBook UX305UA from Asus is really a great notebook for teachers who travel a lot from one place to another. This is a 13.3 Inch laptop with full HD screen. The screen quality of this laptop is really good and provides decent viewing angles.

The screen visibility in outdoor conditions is also really good which is a great thing for any type of teachers. You don’t need to worry about the screen visibility in outdoor condition if you get ZenBook UX305UA. Additionally, this Zenbook has Ambient light sensor which can automatically adapt the screen brightness based on the situation.

The design of this laptop is clean and simple. The build quality of this laptop is excellent and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It has rounded corners which makes it an attractive laptop.

The reason I said that this is a great laptop for teachers who travel a lot is, this laptop has a thickness of 0.6 Inch and weighs only 2.86 pounds which is one of the lightweight laptops in this list. (Watch the below image to see the thickness level of this laptop)

ASUS ZenBook UX305UA body

Anyone can easily carry this type of laptop anywhere without having trouble.

When you look at the specs of this laptop, it competes with the premium laptops such as MacBook Air or Dell XPS. But it lacks few features which you may found on those premium laptops.

The first thing it lacks is a Touchscreen. Obviously, this isn’t a deal breaker for everyone but at this price range, Asus should have given the touchscreen display. Dell is providing a great laptop with a touchscreen which cost $300 less compared to this.

If you are used to touchscreen laptops, then you should consider other laptops such as Dell Inspiron 15 or else this isn’t a big deal for teachers.

The second thing which Zenbook UX305UA lacks is a backlit keyboard. This may be a big deal especially for teachers who work late night at their home. If your teaching profession doesn’t require to do any late night tasks, then you won’t be having any issues at all.

If you are looking for a laptop especially with a backlit keyboard, then I have the cheapest alternative to this Asus Zenbook i.e Acer Aspire E15 I don’t think you’ll see a better deal for a backlit keyboard than Aspire E15. I’ll talk about more Aspire E15 in a moment, just bear with me for few minutes.

Even though Zenbook UX305UA doesn’t have a backlit keyboard, the standard keyboard has good quality and spaces have maintained very well. The only issue which I found on the keyboard is the Power Key.

Asus has decided to offer Power Button in the default keyboard itself instead of giving it a separate corner. For new users, it may be a small issue but everyone can get used to it in long term.

The Zenbook UX305UA comes with 256GB SATA SSD storage, 8GB DDR3 RAM and Intel Core i5 6200U clocked at 2.3 GHz. If the 256GB isn’t enough for you, it can be upgraded but you can’t upgrade the RAM. Even though you can’t upgrade the RAM, 8GB RAM is pretty much enough for a laptop with these specifications.

For a teacher, it can easily run word, office, browsing, and even lite gaming without thinking about any performance issues.

One of most important thing about this laptop is its battery life. For heavy users, you can expect 4 hours of battery and for teachers like you who does basic tasks such as browsing and office, you can expect at least 8-9 hours of battery life.  When you go to school in the morning with your fully charged laptop, it can last full working day.

  • Amazing matte display.
  • top-notch performance.
  • 9 hours of battery life.
  • Lack of backlit keyboard
  • Placement of power button.

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Have more questions or want to know more, watch this amazing review by

2. Acer Aspire E15 (Editor’s Choice)Acer Aspire E15

If you are just starting out your teaching career and you are on the small budget, then This is the perfect laptop especially for you. Acer Aspire E15 is one of the cheap and best laptop for any teachers out there right now.

Just to let you know, This is one of the best selling laptops on Amazon with more than 2000 highly satisfied customers. (Proof attached below).

Acer Aspire E15 best selling laptop

Acer is known for its valuable products in the laptop market and this is just another masterpiece by this well-trusted brand.

This is a 15.6 Inch laptop with full HD screen resolution. I would say the design isn’t very fancy. Honestly, you can’t expect a classy design for the price of $350. Yes. You head it right. It costs only $350 from your pocket.

The design is simple which won’t be a problem for teachers because the design isn’t the most important aspect of a laptop for most of the teachers. The body is finished in plastic which feels like metal in hand.

This isn’t a portable laptop just like the above Zenbook. It weighs 5.27 lbs which is slightly heavy compared to the other laptops in this list. If you are a teacher who works sitting in one place rather than moving around your school, then you won’t have any issue with this.

It has almost every port which a teacher may need such as Ethernet, 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 and HDMI port. If you frequently copy files from one computer to another in your school, then you’ll have the advantage of faster transfer rates because of modern USB ports.

One of most interesting and useful feature of Aspire E15 is its Backlit keyboard.

Aspire 15 backlit keyboard feature

Image Source: Colin/ Wikimedia Commons

I’ve already talked about this in my previous point but again I’m repeating you that it’s very rare to find a laptop with a backlit keyboard in a budget of $350.

If you work in some dark area such as terrace in your home, a backlit keyboard will definitely help you while writing or doing anything. Even the above Zenbook doesn’t have this feature despite charging $500 more than this laptop.

Talking about the storage of this laptop it comes with 1TB HDD which is a plenty of space to store your teaching stuff and your personal data too. Of course, it’ll be slower than the Zenbook because Zenbook comes with SSD storage whereas Aspire E15 comes with HDD storage.

There is another variant of this laptop which comes with 256GB SSD storage and double the RAM of this laptop i.e 8GB DDR4 RAM with Intel i5 processor But it’ll cost you $225 more than this model. If you are into a more heavier task than teaching, it’ll probably suit you else I would recommend you to stick with $350 model.

There is a cheap solution if you think 4GB RAM isn’t enough for you. There is one extra open slot to add more RAM in your laptop. You can get the 4GB or 8GB DDR4 Ballistix RAM for $46 or $90. So technically this laptop with 8GB RAM will cost you exactly $396 and with 12GB RAM, it’ll cost you $440.

The upgrade process is very easy with simple steps. You can watch this video for the step-by-step process if you are interested to get this laptop and add additional RAM in your laptop.

Acer claims the battery can last up to 12 hours but that’s not 100% true. You can expect 5-6 hours of battery life with moderate to heavy usage. I know it’s not the best in class but for its price, it has a respected amount of battery life.

For those teachers who are on the smaller budget, nothing can beat this value for money laptop. That’s the reason it is one of the best selling notebook on the worlds leading platform Amazon. It has got almost every feature which a teacher would need in their laptop.

Check out this video to learn more:

The Acer Aspire E15 has a good built quality, excellent display, plenty of HDD storage, RAM upgrade options, decent performance and not to forget those amazing backlit keyboards.

Let’s wrap about this laptop by taking a short look at the PROs and CONs of this laptop.

  • A real value for money laptop
  • Display quality is really good.
  • Has almost every essential ports
  • Battery life of 10 hours is extremely helpful.
    • Webcam quality is average

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3. Apple MacBook Pro (2016 model)

MacBook Pro

I can understand your feeling when you hear the name of “Apple” or “MacBook“. I know its kinda funny but when people hear those 2 names they think of only 1 thing i.e “An Expensive Phone or a Laptop”.

Well, it’s actually true but not for everyone. For a newbie teacher, it is surely an expensive laptop but for those teachers who have a higher budget, I would say as a Good Investment. Choose which one of them are you from.

For the teachers of category #1, I would like to save your time and advice you to skip this laptop and move ahead because I’ve added few more affordable laptops for you.

This is a 2016 Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch model with the latest touch bar feature. There is another model of Macbook without touch bar which will cost you around $300 cheaper than this model.

Actually, Touch Bar has some useful features such as unlocking your device with touch ID, using Apple pay and more. If you really want those features, you can choose this model which I’m talking right now else you can save your money by getting a non-touch bar version.

There are a lot of variants available for this MacBook Pro but I would recommend you to get the variant which comes with 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR3, and Intel Core i5 Processor.

One of the best thing about this MacBook Pro is its Gorgeous Display.

Apple MacBook Pro

It comes with 2560×1600 resolution with IPS display which is really attractive and good looking. The viewing angles are pretty good too which won’t be an issue for this laptop.

If you are already familiar with the Apple and MacBooks, then I would like to let you know that this another perfect laptop from Apple whose looks and performance can live up to your expectations.

If you are a long time Windows user then I just want to tell you that this laptop can change your entire laptop experience. There are lots of good things on this laptop which I can’t describe it here completely.

For the teachers, the MacBook Pro can definitely help a 3 ways without any doubts.

Portability: This MacBook is extremely thin and lightweight which you can use it anywhere. The thickness of the laptop is just 0.6 Inch and it weighs only 3 pounds. It weights almost same as Asus Zenbook which I talked about earlier.

You can easily carry it in your backpack from home to office or almost anywhere else and you won’t feel any pain for carrying it out with you.

Operating System: MacOS has always edge over the Windows laptops in terms of speed and performance and this MacBook Pro is no exception at all.

I’ve already talked about some major difference between MacOS and Windows in my previous, you can check that out for more info. But for now, I just want to tell you that MacOS is more simplified than the Windows UI. At the initial stage, you’ll have some confusion but when you get used to the MacOS, it’ll save you a lot more of your time.

Interested to see more differences between MacOS and Windows? Take a look at the quick comparison between two different OS.

Performance: If you are not familiar with the high-speed-lag-less performance of MacBook devices, then this is the right time you should know about it. MacBooks have always had an edge over other Windows laptops in terms of speed and performance.

It can easily perform any type of tasks from basic tasks such as using Office, Excel, Browsing the web to any heavy tasks like HD video editing. (Except heavy gaming).

Apple claims to have a 10-hour battery life on this laptop which is actually almost true. It can give you 9 hours of battery life from moderate to heavy usage which is a pretty good thing for a teacher. If you charge your laptop completely, then you don’t need to carry the charger to the school.

  • Gorgeous design.
  • Top notch screen quality.
  • 9 hours of battery life.
  • Smooth performing operating system.
  • Too expensive for a teacher.
  • Lack of SD card reader.

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4. HP 14-an013nr

HP 14-an013nr

It’s not like all the teachers need a super speed laptop with a stylish design. There are some teachers who want a laptop with minimum requirements such as least storage, decent performance at a respectable price and HP 14-an013nr is made especially for those peoples.

HP 14-an013nr is an inexpensive laptop which comes with 14 inch full HD IPS UWVA BrightView WLED-backlit display. It looks like a Chromebook but it actually runs on the Windows 10 home which is one the main reason for becoming a top-selling laptop in this price range.

It weighs 3.86 lbs which is pretty much portable but it depends upon you. If you occasionally roam around the school with your laptop, it would be perfect for you. Even if you shift from one class to the other regularly, you’ll get used to it because its just 3.86 lbs.

It comes with 32GB emmc storage with 4GB DDR3 RAM. I know 32GB isn’t enough these days. But just like I told you before, this laptop for especially for those teachers who are looking to do some basic works which runs on the Windows platform.

You don’t need to worry if the 32GB isn’t enough for you because there is an SD card slot which you can use to increase the memory of the laptop. A branded 128GB SD card will cost you only $45 which you can permanently use for your laptop.

If you are not a fan of this storage type, you can learn How M Cox installed an SSD on this laptop to improve the storage and performance of this laptop in this massive review.

Apart from an SD card slot, there is 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0, an HDMI port, RJ-45, and VGA ports are available in HP 14-an013nr. HP has decided to offer all the basic ports, unlike Apple who excluded an SD card slot in an expensive laptop.

As I already you told you, this machine comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM paired with AMD E2-7110. Most of the laptop comes with 4GB RAM at this price tag. It can easily manage to handle few basic multi tasks such without any issue. But you can’t expect it to perform heavy multitasks because this machine isn’t really made for that purpose.

Okay, How much battery life you can expect from this laptop?

HP has mentioned that it can last up to 5 hours and 15 minutes. But customers have reported that it can last up to 4 hours which isn’t bad at all for the laptop of this price. It’s better to carry the charger with you if you work from the laptop entire day. If you occasionally have work on your laptop, then I suppose it can last a full in your school.

When we talk about the pricing between Acer Aspire E15 and this laptop, there is only $20-$30 difference between them. Yes, that’s correct. You’ll have to sacrifice so many things to save few dollars in your pocket.

If you are okay with the things you are going to sacrifice, then you’ll have no problem at all. But for the others, who are hesitating to spend $20-$30 more, then I would like to tell you only 1 thing. Just go for Acer Aspire E15, You’ll not regret it definitely. E15 is the most value for money and best laptop for a teacher without any doubt.

Check out this video to learn more:

  • Quite inexpensive.
  • Decent screen quality.
  • The quality of the loudspeakers is great.
  • Battery life of 10 hours is extremely helpful.
  • Limited storage.
  • Not suitable for heavy multitasking.

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5. Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung chromebook pro

Before we talk about anything about this laptop, you should really know what a Chromebook is.

If you don’t know what is a Chromebook and hearing the name of Chromebook for the first time, here are the 2 important things you need to keep in mind before getting a Chromebook.

1. Chromebook is a laptop which neither runs on Windows nor MacOS. It runs on Google’s own operating system called Chrome OS. You can’t install Windows/ Mac software in a Chromebook.

2. Chromebook depends mostly on an Internet connection and majority of the work can be done only if you have an internet connection.

Sure Chromebook isn’t mean for everyone. But If you are a teacher whose work is mostly related to online such as sending email, taking attendance, creating schedules etc then Chromebook should be suitable for you.

If you want to know more about the Chromebook, then watch the below video.

Video Credits: Mr.Mobile

I hope you have got some ideas about a Chromebook now. If you are fine with the restrictions of a Chromebook, then continue reading this post else jump to my the next laptop on this list.

There are also several benefits of using a Chromebook which I’m going to talk about now.

Okay. Let’s talk about Samsung Chromebook pro and see why it’ll be a good laptop for a teacher.

Samsung announced two models of Chromebook in January 2017 i.e Chromebook Plus and Pro. Both models have similar design and look except the processor. I’ve chosen Chromebook Pro over the plus because of the good processor and its performance. The pricing difference between these 2 models is only $70.

The Samsung Chromebook pro comes with 12.3-inch LED touch screen with Quad HD display. The display is one of the best parts about this laptop which produces excellent color reproduction both indoors and outdoors.

This is a 2-in-1 laptop which can be used as both laptop or a tablet. You can rotate this laptop in 360 angles and you’ll have no problem at all. You can fold the device (as shown below) and use it as per your convenient.

Samsung chromebook pro display


The body of the Chromebook pro is built by metal and it has a beautiful and sleek design. This laptop has a thickness of 0.55 inch and the total weight of the laptop is just only 2.38 lbs.

Yes, you read it right. It weighs only 2.38 lbs and it is the best lightweight laptop on this list.

If you take a sharp look at the laptop, you’ll notice the keyboards have slight curves to feel more comfortable while writing anything. This is a bit controversial thing about this laptop because some users have complained about this whereas some users have praised it.

Of course, the keyboards are not backlit which will be a downside for many users. Samsung should’ve really provided a backlit keyboard for the price of this laptop.

The glass trackpad works really well and its very responsive while clicking zoom, pinching out etc.

One of the biggest disappointment of the Chromebook is the Speakers. You’ll find two speakers at the bottom of the laptop which doesn’t get very loud even after setting it to the max volume.

Samsung’s Chromebook devices are the first to come with Android apps support but it’s in the beta version. The verge has explained about it in the detail.

The addition of a stylus in the Chromebook adds a huge value to it. This stylus is similar to Samsung’s note series S-Pen. There are tons of thing you can do with this stylus such as writing, capturing a particular region of the screen and more.

This stylus may not be as responsive as Apple Pencil or Microsft’s surface Pro but it gets done the job.

Samsung has provided 2 USB Type-C slots on this laptop. One on the left side and the other on the right side. A 3.5 mm headphone jack and micro-sd card slot.

Talking about the micro-sd slot, it comes with 32GB internal storage and 4GB LPDDR3 RAM. As I already told you, this model comes with more powerful processor i.e Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30 hence the performance is better than the plus model.

Due to restrictions to install apps on a Chromebook, performance and the battery life on this laptop is pretty much. You can expect 7-8 hours of average battery life on this laptop.

Let’s talk about some of the GOOD and the BAD of this laptop.

  • Outstanding design.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Solid performance.
  • Top class display.
  • Speakers aren’t up to the marks.
  • No backlit keyboards.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with Touch Screen

Dell Inspiron 15

I have suggested everyone a laptop only from the reputed brands and this one is no exception at all.

We all know how reliable and an esteemed brand the Dell is. This is just another masterwork from them. There are few reasons why a teacher should consider getting this amazing piece from Dell and that’s what I’m going to talk about right now.

Dell 15 3000 is a decent laptop which comes with 15.6 inches LED touchscreen display with the resolution of 1366 x768. I know this isn’t a perfect resolution but you won’t have any issues with that.

It comes with a mid-range processor i.e 5th gen Intel Core i5-5200U dual-core processor along with 8GB DDR3 RAM which is sufficient to perform daily tasks such as using Excel, Word, Google Chrome etc without any lagging issues.

It comes with 1TB of HDD storage which is a good thing if data storage if your priority. Some people still prefer to store important data offline rather than online. If you are one of them, 1TB HDD has got you covered.

The downside which I personally found on this laptop is it is not as lightweight as any other laptops on this list. It weighs 4.85 pounds which is slightly heavier than many other laptops in this category.

If you are used to carrying your lightweight laptop and thinking to change to this laptop, then your lightweight experience of the laptop won’t be there. So I suggest you think twice before buying this laptop.

Just like the other laptops in this list, it runs on Windows 10 home which is one of the most popular operating systems right now.

There are 1 ethernet slot, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI and a headphone jack available which isn’t at all a bad selection of the ports by them.

For wireless connections, there is 802.11ac which is the latest wireless technology to receive faster and stronger connections and there is a Bluetooth 4.0 which is a newer version of the Bluetooth.

Just to let you know, there is also DVD reader if you are a fan of that. Most of the people don’t use a DVD reader these days but if you aren’t of them and care about it then Dell Inspiron has it.

This is really a solid laptop with Dell’s reliability at a reasonable price. The price of this laptop isn’t stable, if you looking to get this laptop I would suggest you bookmark the page and get it once it goes down from its original.

Don’t wait too long for the discount price, just get it while it is available.

These are the few PROs and CONs of this laptop.

  • Reliable for multitasking.
  • 1TB HDD.
  • Every essential ports are available.
  • Little bit heavy.
  • No backlit keyboard for this price.

Check Price on Amazon

7. MacBook Air

MacBook Air


I’ve recommended MacBook Air in my previous post and now again I’m going to recommend this because it’s one of the best laptops for teachers (or almost everyone) you can get now.

Honestly, In my opinion, The MacBook Air is the most value for money laptop by Apple you can get today.

The MacBook Pro which I mentioned earlier in this post is super expensive and it doesn’t come close to MacBook Air when it comes to value.

The MacBook Air which I’m talking about right now is early 2015 model and it costs under $900.

The MacBook Air comes with 13.3. inch display. Apple hasn’t changed the design and display of its Air series from many years and it comes with the usual design and the resolution of 1440×900.

Just to remind you, MacBook Air doesn’t come with Retina display on any of their models. This is such a shame for those who are moving on from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air series.

When it comes to display department, there are several other laptops in the market which have a better display but it doesn’t mean that the Air has a very bad display.

No matter what display Apple offers in their laptops but they have delivered some of the best thin and lightweight laptops for many years and there is no exception for MacBook Air.

This laptop only weighs 2.95 lbs which is best after Samsung Chromebook pro (2.38 lbs), Asus Zenbook (2.90 lbs) in this list.

The portability of the MacBook Air can’t be matched with most of the Windows laptops these days. If portability is your first priority, then remember that MacBook laptops are top in the class.

One of the main reason why people buy Apple laptops is its portability. The second is its battery life. Yes, that’s right.

MacBook Air has proven that they are top in the class in the battery department too. According to the LaptopMag’s test, the battery has lasted for 14 hours which is more than 2 hours which Apple claims to last.

But you can’t expect every time a 14-hour battery life like LaptopMag. You can expect the battery life up to 9-10 hours with moderate to heavy usage.

One of the great things about the MacBook Air is its Amazing Keyboard.

Macbook Air keyboard

It has a gorgeous looking backlit keyboard and the beauty of the keyboard can be matched only with the MacBook lineups.

Talking about the keyboard, it’s very extraordinary and very comfortable to type anything without any fuss. MacBook Air has one the best keyboard in the entire market.

The MacBook Air comes with 128GB PCIe based SSD Storage which is combined with 8GB DDR3 RAM and 1.6GHz dual-core Intel i5.

As now April 2016, All MacBook Air models come with 8GB RAM as default. Before that, you have to upgrade it from 4GB by paying some extra. That’s a good job done by Apple.

There is no question about the performance issues in the MacBook Air. As I’ve already told you that the performance level of Windows laptops and MacBooks are very different.

You can easily run heavy multi-tasking, switch tabs smoothly, browse relentlessly, still you won’t face any performance or lag issues. That’s the beauty of MacBooks and OS X.

  • Unbelievable Battery life.
  • Strong performing machine.
  • Flexible Keyboards.
  • The design is dated.
  • Average screen quality.

Check Price on Amazon

8. HP Envy 13 -ab016nr

HP Envy 13


This is the second HP laptop on this list and it is not an ordinary laptop from HP. This is a flagship level laptop from HP with high-end specifications. If you are a fan of HP brand, you are surely going to love it and even if you aren’t a fan of HP, this HP Envy is going to impress you in many ways.

This laptop comes with 13.3 inch IPS display with full HD resolution. Most of the parts are build by aluminum and it feels very premium. The overall build quality is classic and excellent.

When it comes to the design, it looks very elegant and sexy. The corners have sharp edges which makes the laptop more good looking. Even though it has a good design but it’s not a unique design. This laptop closely resembles MacBook laptops.

HP Envy 13 design


Another attractive thing about the HP Envy 13 is, one the front side of the laptop it has new and attractive logo design (see below).

HP Envy 13 front logo


Well, That’s not a big thing to talk about but sure its worth noticing one of the sexy logos on any laptop right now.

The display produces excellent colors and there is no compromise in this department at all.

Another great thing to notice on this laptop is, its thickness and weight.

It is 0.55 inch thin just like Samsung Chrome Pro and slightly heavier than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro weighs 3 lbs whereas the HP Envy 13 weighs 3.31 lbs.

The HP Envy 13 packs with 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 storage and 8GB LPDDR3 RAM. The processor you are getting with this laptop is 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U. The performing of the SSD storage is insane and it can easily handle hardcore performance such as programming and video editing.

Another great thing about this laptop is its battery life. HP claims it can give you the battery life up to 14 hours and some users have reported that they have come close to 14 hours with low brightness settings and lite usage.

With the moderate usage, you can expect the battery life from 7-10 hours which isn’t bad at all.

If you are looking for a perfect alternative for MacBook with Windows OS, then you should definitely consider getting HP Envy 13 for you.

The HP Envy 13 not only resembles with the look of MacBook but it also matches some of the specifications and quality of the MacBook that’s the reason I have suggested this laptop as an alternative for Windows users.

  • Premium Build quality.
  • Stunning design and sharp look.
  • Blazing performance.
  • No touch screen.
  • Unwanted bloatware.

Check Price on Amazon

Buyer’s guide for teachers:

There are lots of things a teacher needs to consider before getting a new laptop for them. A teacher may not have time to do that. That’s why I’m sharing 5 most important things a teacher should definitely check on a laptop before getting one for them.

1. Screen size: If you do a lot of research on the web or you need to write something simultaneously, you may need a bigger screen. There are two laptops on this list which have bigger screens i.e Aspire E15 and DELL INSPIRON 15.

If your teaching task doesn’t require big screen laptops, then you can go for small laptops which are on this list.

2. Portability: If you use your laptop mostly on-the-go, then portability should be definitely your top priority. You shouldn’t choose any heavy laptop for your teaching profession when you are mostly on-the-go.

If you use your laptop mostly in a single class/space, the weight of the laptop may not matter for you.

3. Storage: If you are getting a laptop on your teaching task, then a 256GB laptop could be enough for you.

4. RAM: For a teacher, I would suggest you get a laptop with 4GB RAM. If you want faster performance, then you can go for more.

5. Pricing: I’ve already said it earlier in this post but I’m reminding you again now. Don’t go for an expensive laptop if you are just getting started your teaching profession. I’ve mentioned both budget and expensive laptops on this list. choose the right one based on your budget and be wise.

Final Words:

If you are specifically looking for the best laptop for a teacher which could be for your friend or fiance or even for yourself, then I’m pretty sure that you would have found some great laptops from the list.

These days Technology is evolving rapidly and teachers need to be updated as much as they can and teachers need at least a decent laptop to stay updated.

I’ve done lots of research to present you these 8 best laptops for teachers. If you got your desired laptop, then let me know in comments and if you have any new suggestion, I’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts.

If you like this post, please do share it with your friend/fiance or any other teachers who are searching for the best laptops.


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